Former Post Commanders
VFW Post 1607

Below is a list of all the former Post Commanders of VFW Post 1607 since its founding in 1928 to the present.

Former Post Commanders

A number in parentheses (#) indicates multiple terms served.

1928-1930William R. Brinley
1930-1931Frank Metcalf
1931-1932Edward Norton
1932-1933Milton Coer
1933-1934Arthur Baese
1935-1936Harold Hennessey
1936-1937John Fleming
1937-1939Alfio Candido, Sr. (1)
1939-1941Charles Weiss
1941-1942Martin Stone
1942-1945Daniel Hatfield
1945-1946Alphonse St. Pierre
1946-1947Fred Gracy
1947-1949John Metcalf
1949-1950Albert Neary
1950-1952Alfio Candido, Sr. (2)
1952-1954Fredrick Solosy
1954-1955Hiram Peck
1955-1956Alfio Candido, Sr. (3)
1956-1957Alfio Candido, Jr.
1957-1959Samuel Green III
1959-1961Edmund Heebner
1961-1963Daniel Candido (1)
1963-1964Joseph Jameson (1)
1964-1966Gilbert Rosewell
1966-1967Herbert Partridge
1967-1968Joe Jameson (2)
1968-1970Wilfred Blaes (1)
1970-1971John Unwin
1972-1975Wilfred Blaes (2)
1975-1980Lawrence Lawnsby (1)
1980-1981Wilfred Blaes (3)
1981-1982Daniel Candido (2)
1982-1985Joseph Sobek
1985-1988Samuel Green III
1988-1992David Morgan
1992-1994Lawrence Williams
1994-1996Charles Hicock
1996-1997Lawrence Lawnsby (2)
1997-2000Leslie Hatstat, Jr.
2000-2007Harmon Andrews
2007-2011James Fernandes (1)
2011-2014Peter D'Amato
2014-2015James Fernandes (2)
2015-2017Lawrence Williams (2)
2017-Ken Korsu
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